Will We See An Upcoming H-1B Visa 2020 Lottery

UT Evaluators

During the FY 2019 H-1B visa lottery, 190,098 petitions (taking into account the Master’s exemption) were received by USCIS within the first week.

This number was far above the 85,000 petition cap. As a result, a lottery was conducted last year to randomly select those among the pool lot.

While we cannot guarantee it with absolute certainty, we can predict based on the history of past H-1B seasons that there will be another lottery for the H-1B visa 2020 season.

We’ve seen a lottery occur every year since FY 2014. Therefore, based on that, we think it’s safe to predict a lottery.  For H1B Visa Process Visit UT Evaluators

However, should the number of submitted petitions drop lower than the 85,000 petition cap, there will likely not be a cap lottery.

If the current administration continues its campaign to increase H-1B regulations and scrutiny, we may see a year without a lottery in the coming years.

Considerations for Increased Number of Filings

A. Greater demand for these types of specialty worker visas due to improvements in the domestic job market over the last 5 years.

B. Reapplications on behalf of petitioners not selected in the last H-1B season.

C. Changes in restrictions related to L visas and B visas. We’ve also noticed a greater preference of H-1B visas from companies.

D. Expected increase in corporate spending and hiring, driven by the recently passed Tax Reform Bill. To know more details on  H1B Visa visit Industrynewswire

For these reasons we expect the H-1B visa cap 2019-2020 to remain open for no more than 5 business days.

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