How To Get Breast Reduction Surgery?


Breasts are integral to womanhood. They define a woman’s beauty. Well grown, firmer breasts are what every woman dreams of. However, not many women are lucky enough to have the perfect shape and size of breasts. A common belief among people is that bigger the size of the breasts, the better they are. This is a big misconception. The ideal breast size is the one that is in proportion to the rest of the body. Bigger breasts do not look good on women with smaller structure and are also prone to sagging.

Apart from a disproportionate figure, many women with larger breasts complain of backache, neck and shoulder pain due to the physical burden born by the upper body. Hence, the need for a medical intervention. Such women can consider breast reduction as a permanent solution to their problem.To know more details Visit Personiks Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery clinic in Hyderabad for more details about Breast Reduction cost in Hyderabad.

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a procedure that reduces the size of the breasts through surgical removal of tissues, fat and skin, thereby making it ideal as per the body structure. The procedure is performed under the guidance of a trained aesthetic plastic surgeon and takes about three to five hours.

Hospital admission is usually required and a general anesthesia is given to the patient. Healing of wounds may take a few days. Breast reduction surgery also deals with issues of sagging breasts and helps them give an uplifted and firmer appearance. Another advantage of this surgery is that it can reduce the size of areola making the breasts appear younger and better.

Like any other surgery, reduction mammaplasty is not free of side effects. There are risks associated and one has to carefully weigh the risks and benefits before taking this decision. It can cause complications like excessive bleeding and adverse anesthesia reactions.

Apart from this, some of the common side effects of this surgery are loss of sensation in the nipples and areola, inability to breastfeed and scarring. Sometimes, the procedure may need to be repeated in case there is a visible asymmetry in the size of both the breasts. For more information on Breast Augmentation check Pdagreen

In general, women considering this option are overweight, have no plans to bear children in future and are suffering from heaviness and pain in upper part of the body due to larger breasts. However, many women desire to improve their appearance. Cosmetic market delivers many new gels and creams for breast reduction, claiming them to be simpler and safer than surgery, but their effectiveness is doubtful.

Women looking for a more permanent solution may consider a surgical procedure. However, following the surgeon’s instructions is important pre as well as post-surgery. If you are worried about the size of your breasts, do visit a plastic surgeon and discuss your options. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a dermatologist.

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