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Mahindra Bolero Overview

The 2019 Mahindra Bolero will be the answer to the upcoming safety regulations and BS6 norms. The car will have better structural integrity and safety features like dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors as standard. The car has been recently spotted by us in Coimbatore testing along with Bolero Pickup and Scorpio. The Mahindra Bolero is a common sight on Indian roads. Be it transporting people from villages, being used as a transport truck, an ambulance, a police vehicle or anything else. The Bolero has been the top selling and most important Mahindra for the company. But with the new BS6 norms closing in, the MUV faces a direct issue of being obsolete in terms of features and specs. Check for Mahindra Bolero price in Ahmedabad at Tryaldrive.

Mahindra Bolero Look

There are very few changes on the outside. Mahindra designers have cleverly chopped off the front and rear bumper to make the car fit into the sub 4-metre segment. Apart from that, the Bolero Power+ comes with wheel caps, body coloured mirrors, Power+ badging at the rear, D70 badging on the front fenders and stickering on the sides. The body still retains the styling of the older Bolero and it looks rugged. Road presence is pretty good too and don’t be surprised if people make way for you, considering that the Bolero is popularly known as a police car. A layman won’t be able to differentiate the regular Bolero from the Power+ but it is actually easily to make out just by looking at the bumpers.

Mahindra Bolero Comfort

The interiors are very similar to the older Bolero. You get a power steering, AC, power windows and a very basic audio system. The steering wheel is placed at a very high position and it makes it very awkward for short passengers who won’t be able to look at the instrument cluster properly. The locking mechanism of the door is very weird and sometimes we had to struggle with it to open the door. The audio system is very basic and feels complicated to use with the sound quality not being great either. The menus are very confusing and we had a lot of issues to connect our phone to the audio system via Bluetooth. Apart from that, the Bolero misses out on airbags and ABS and is a very basic car with no safety features on offer. Quality on the inside isn’t great either.

The AC is a great performer and chills the cabin in no time. The front seats are far from comfortable while space at the rear is pretty decent. You get a good amount of knee room, shoulder space and head space. You also get a rear centre armrest. The rear seats are also not too comfortable though. Power windows can be controlled via a console that is placed next to the handbrake. Apart from that, there are no switches for the power windows on any door. Talking about cubby holes and storage spaces, you cannot spot anything at the rear. At the front, you get storage spaces on each door. Apart from that, there are 2 bottle holders next to the handbrake. There is another storage space ahead of the gear lever. The Bolero Power+ is a 7-seater car but the jump seats at the rear aren’t that comfortable. The seats are too small and they don’t come with seat belts either. If you fold the rear seats, it frees up a lot of space for luggage.

Mahindra Bolero Transmission

The Power Plus features a new engine which despite downgraded in size, lose nothing in terms of power and torque, in fact gains bump in power. The carmaker has replaced the 2.6L m2DiCR diesel engine with the new 1.5L motor from the mHawk series that produces 71PS (8PS more) and 195Nm of max torque. For more details on Mahindra Bolero  visit Rbts

Fire the engine up and within seconds you will be welcomed by improved NVH levels. Don’t get this wrong, it’s not appreciable but better than the previous one. It’s still the same crude sounding engine but one cannot ignore the improved refinement levels. And as one would expect from such a car, the engine isn’t great to be pushed to extremes. The more the revs climb up more the engine gets louder and irrespective of how much one presses the throttle, the advancement is not rapid.

But when it comes to low-end delivery of torque, the new engine behaves liberally. But you have to be patient to experience the steady build-up of the speed as well as benefit from the improved fuel economy. In fact, there is enough torque to get this car going from still in the 3rd gear. But as the gear ratios are closely spaced, you will see there is a need to shift them early. Having said that, this is the engine which is always ready to take the load of passengers and their luggage for which the car is known for. The gear knob still dances when you turn off the engine while the clutch is fairly light.

As the car has been changed mechanically, the new diesel engine delivers 5 percent more efficiency than the earlier one. The car is now capable of delivering ARAI certified mileage of 16.5kmpl. This is on paper but one can still manage to extract fuel efficiency of 15kmpl if the vehicle is driven under moderate conditions.

Mahindra Bolero Driving

n terms of ride and handling, as the car is built on body-on-frame construction, don’t expect much from the SUV. You will experience a jerky ride quality with body roll always there to greet you, even the slightest imperfection on road will transfer into vertical movements of the passengers. The ripples are more experienced by the rear occupants, however with the inclusion of rigid leaf spring rear suspension, the increase load of the passengers or luggage will result in compliant ride quality. So it is better to stay away from aggressive driving.

The steering is pretty light for the urban setup and one thing that the driver would appreciate is its large turning radius which is close to 6 metres. However, there is lack of feedback from the steering and it would be difficult to hold this car in a straight line.

Mahindra Bolero Safety

Mahindra has a very wide service network across India and you can find their service stations easily even in semi-urban and rural areas. Their service costs are generally very reasonable too and hence after-sales won’t be an issue with the Bolero. On the safety front, as we said earlier, the car doesn’t have ABS or airbags and even the third row jump seats don’t get seat belts.

Mahindra Bolero Cost in Ahmedabad

Mahindra Bolero On Road Price is 8,63,746/- and Ex-showroom Price is 7,59,962/- in Ahmedabad. Mahindra Bolero comes in 10 colours, namely Power Plus Diamond White,Power Plus Silver,Power Plus Rocky Beige,Power Plus Java Brown,Java Brown,Rocky Beige,Diamond White,Mist Silver,Molten Red,Silver. Mahindra Bolero comes with 2WD with 2523 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 63 bhp@3200 rpm and Peak Torque 195 Nm@1400-2200 rpm DRIVE TRAIN 2WD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Mahindra Bolero comes with Manual Transmission with 2WD .

Mahindra Bolero Final Word

The Mahindra Bolero Power+ is a much better car than the previous model and it is priced significantly lower too. The car is clearly aimed for the rural markets because there is no level of sophistication that you would expect in a car that costs this much. The Bolero has always been a hit with its target audience and the Power+ is going to be no different. The car will fetch more numbers in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities than metros.

Mahindra Bolero Power Plus is available in three variants for the buyers to choose from they are SLE, SLX and ZLX. Considering the pricing details, Mahindra Bolero Power Plus SLE is tagged at Rs. 7.45 lakh. Its mid-range trim Bolero Power Plus SLX is available at the price tag of Rs. 8.1 lakh while the top of the line as well as the top selling model Bolero Power Plus ZLX is offered at the price tag of Rs. 8.45 lakh, ex-showroom. While there is no direct competitor to Bolero Power Plus, price/segment wise we can say it competes against Maruti Vitara Brezza, Ford EcoSport and its own sibling TUV300 in the segment.

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