The H-1B Lottery For Nurses

Employment Visa

If you qualify for an H-1B visa for nurses, your petition will likely be entered into the annual H-1B lottery. This lottery was put into effect due to the large number of petitions that are received each year. Check for H1B Visa Process in Orphosyscorp

Overall, there are two major sections of this lottery:

A. The master’s cap – 20,000 petitions. This cap is for those with an advanced degree.

B. Regular cap – 65,000 petitions.

The way that the lottery works means that the first 20,000 positions will be filled by those that have advanced degrees. Any petitions for those with advanced degrees that are not selected in the master’s cap will be re-entered into the regular cap, essentially giving those petitions two chances of being selected.

It is important to note that there is no other way to increase your odds of selection. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for an H-1B for nurses or for an IT manager, the chances are the same.

Because the number of petitions is continually increasing, the probability of being randomly selected is decreasing. If you are not selected in the lottery, then you will need to wait until the following year or find an alternative visa. To know more information on H1B Visa check Basna

If your petition is selected, then it will be processed by the USCIS. Of course, there is still a chance that a petition could be selected and then denied. To avoid this, make sure that your case is handled by an expert immigration attorney.

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