Jaguar XE Facelift Review & Test Drive


Jaguar XE Overview

Jaguar XE is a premium compact sports sedan from the stable of Jaguar that comes with an elegant but powerful look. It has a sturdy build and is equally at ease in city roads as well as in uneven off track drive. The Jaguar XE images that the company released during Auto Expo 2016 shows an amazing designed car with commanding presence and style. It falls in the above 4-meter category and has remarkable features that give it an edge over its rivals in the market that are within this price bracket. Jaguar XE is available in two different trims; one of them is called the Jaguar XE and the other is called Jaguar XE 2.0L Petrol Pure2.0L Petrol Portfolio. This well-built sedan has a big 2835mm of wheelbase that allows it to seat around 4 passengers comfortably. The design of this SUV looks masculine and the comfort level of this car is on par with other such vehicles in this price category.

Jaguar XE Look

The Jaguar XE is a rather subtle-looking car, at least as per Jaguar standards. But it grows on you very quickly and the subtle underlying aggression in the design language is what really stands out. The car is long, really long. In fact, it is longer than the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4. It is also wider than all three and it is also lower than all three! As a result, it oozes of character as it is a low-slung, angry-looking sedan. And speaking of angry looking, have you seen the face that the XE sports? That face along with the long and chiselled muscular bonnet gives the car its own unique identity.

The same is carried on over to the sides as well and that’s thanks to the roofline which almost merges seamlessly into the boot lid giving the Jaguar XE a coupe-like look instead of a conventional three-box design. And it is here that I can point out the only thing in its exterior which doesn’t make me go wow – the wheels. While in the current spec, they make perfect sense for Indian roads, I just wish they were a little bigger simply to match up to the exterior appeal of the Jaguar XE. Case in point, look up the Jaguar XE S that’s available in some other international markets. Although, Jaguar does offer a choice of about 19 alloy wheel design options as an accessory so that pretty much makes up for it.

Coming to the back, the highlight has to the two-piece tail light and the dual exhausts. Look closer and you will see the resemblance of the Jaguar F-Type’s tail lights on the XE and that’s a very nice touch by Jaguar. Overall, the car looks fantastic from almost all angles and keep in mind that this design was first unveiled to the world all the way back at the Paris Motor Show 2014. Yes, this is a 5-year old design and it still looks great even when the competition has received its fair share of design updates all, including the launch of all-new models, all this while.

Jaguar XE Comfort

Step inside the leather wrapped cabin, with the wraparound style dashboard merges right into the door, and you begin to feel that special something that you’re supposed to when you’re in a Jaguar. I love the brown(tan) leather interiors, more so because they are distinct and set apart like a Jaguar should be. The steering and seats in the front are electronically adjustable and are sure to make a mark. The XE Petrol also features Jaguar’s new InControl infotainment system that gets an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is not only good to use but gets properly advanced resolution and in-built navigation.

Let’s not forget about the Meridian speaker set that truly has great depth of sound. The Jaguar XE is strictly a driver’s car, and what I mean by that is, it’s not the car you buy if you want to be chauffeured around. Rear-leg room is far from ample and could get cramped if there’s a taller individual in the front. In fact seating 5 is asking a lot considering that there is a large divide in the seats for the transmission tunnel. Boot space too is just about okay. That said, if you prefer to drive yourself (I know I do) off the option in the price range, the Jaguar is definitely one of the top to consider. More so because of what I have to say next.Check for Jaguar XE price in Hyderabad at Tryaldrive.

Jaguar XE Transmission

Right, with all that out of the way, it is time to come to the part that really lets the XE shine – its driving.There are a total of three engine options to choose from (all being 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder units) – a 177 hp diesel, a 197 hp turbocharged petrol and the one that we chose to drive – the 247 hp turbocharged petrol. And boy, are we glad to have driven it.

This engine is what makes the XE, a proper Jaguar. The engine feels lively from the get-go and the moment you put down your foot and ask the car for a bit of power, it serves it in big dollops of happiness. Belonging to the new Ingenium family of engines, the power is spread out far and wide across the RPM range and once you go past 3000 RPM, the engine also serves up a muted but good-sounding growl inside the cabin. It’s quick to build up revs and offers linear power and torque throughout. And it is this state of tune that makes it so exciting. The peak power output of 247 hp comes at as high as 5500 RPM but the secret is in the torque delivery. The engine makes a tasty 365 Nm of torque which is present through 1200-4500 RPM! And that’s the area where you’ll pretty much keep the car if you are driving fast and that means, the car almost always feels eager and peppy whenever the need arises for those quick overtakes or highway runs.

Connected to this engine is an 8-speed Automatic Transmission that can also be operated through the steering-mounted paddle shifters. They are clearly tuned for better fuel economy but, thankfully, feel a lot more engaging and quick with their shifts in Dynamic and Sports Mode.Jaguar XE Mileage is 10.4 Kmpl on city streets and 13.6 Kmpl on open highways.For more details on Jaguar XE check Rbts

Jaguar XE Driving

To sum up my argument about driver’s cars, let’s talk about the handling. The Jaguar rides properly sharply and the steering weighs up nicely in your hands. The front end grip is phenomenal, which goes well with the XE’s waggy tail, if you’re really pushing it through the corners with the traction control switched off. It won’t light up the tyres and bellow tyre smoke (there isn’t enough power for that) but it just wags enough to keep you entertained before snapping back to a straight line. Braking response is good too, with sharp and firm feel on the pedal.

Given all that I’ve said above, you’d be led to believe that the Jaguar will be a pain to drive on Indian roads with the number of bumps and potholes that we deal with. Jaguar have found a sweet spot for the XE which actually does a proper job of absorbing bumps and undulations without losing grip or sending it all into the cabin. Of Course the 17-inch wheels with thick sidewall play their part in this too, although, if you absolutely detest the look Jaguar will give you an optional 18 or even a 19 inch wheel set.

Jaguar XE Safety

For braking segment, Jaguar XE has powerful ventilated disc brakes for all the tyres with ABS, EBD and Brake assist. In addition, it also includes six airbags, three-point seat belts with front pyrotechnic belt tensioners and force limiters, the cornering brake control, dynamic stability as well as traction control, ISOFIX child seat mounting, run flat indicator, emergency spare wheel, and side impact protection among a host of others.

Jaguar XE Price in Hyderabad

Jaguar XE On Road Price is 48,55,355/- and Ex-showroom Price is 40,60,767/- in Hyderabad. Jaguar XE comes in 7 colours, namely Polaris White,Ultimate Black,Odyssey Red,Bluefire,Italian Racing Red,Dark Sapphire,Metallic Rhodium Silver. Jaguar XE comes with RWD with 1999 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 197 bhp@5500 rpm and Peak Torque 320 Nm@1750 rpm DRIVE TRAIN RWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 7.7 seconds . Jaguar XE comes with Automatic Transmission with RWD .

Jaguar XE Final Word

At the end of the day, the Jaguar XE takes the fight to the Germans with an impressive list of positives. The variant we tested certainly makes the XE as one of the most exciting cars in its segment, albeit at a premium price tag. So what you really need to ask yourself if you’re thinking of the Jaguar XE is the kind of usage you are going to have with it. And which seat are you going to find yourself in with this car?

And in this day and age where carmakers are focusing more and more on SUVs, we need more of such cars. Cars that put the driving experience on top of their list of priorities and want to evoke a feeling of joy to the one driving it.So, If you’re someone who wants to have a car that connects to the driver in a special way, makes you grin like an idiot and you make you look back at the car after you’ve parked it and are walking away – well, then you might be interested in the Jaguar XE.


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