Financial District is the New Destination for Luxury Living in Hyderabad.

Flats for sale in Financial District

Having followed the pandemic, demand for planned projects and flats in Hyderabad’s western suburbs has increased. The rise has been particularly noticeable in emerging metropolitan areas such as the Financial District, where infrastructure development is on the rise.

Because of its proximity to other developed areas such as Kokapet, Gachibowli, and others, the Financial District is growing as a residential center. In addition to the presence of commercial districts, multinational corporations have offices in these areas. The prospects of the region have also been reinforced by strong physical and social infrastructure in the form of educational institutes, entertainment centers, and retail zones.

The Financial District corridor is regarded as the city’s ‘Safe Zone,’ and it rates high on the livability index due to minimal pollution and good air quality index (AQI), as its bordering markets are subject to GO – 111 conservation zoning, which limits real estate development. Houses with a high density of plants and little concrete are becoming increasingly popular.
It has a vibrant vibe. The demand for housing is being driven by locals and young professionals who have arrived in this developing metropolis and are looking for enough living space in the post-pandemic climate.

According to a recently released study on emerging localities in Hyderabad, “Affordability, Accessibility, and Proximity to economic corridors are important influencing components toward expansion of financial District.” They are strategically located between the ORR and RRR infrastructure projects and provide both investors and end-users with an attractive long-term investment opportunity. We expect capital prices to climb steadily over the next 3-5 years as the region’s physical and social infrastructure improves, in addition to the rapid development seen in the ‘ORR boom corridor’ on the outskirts.

As a result of the epidemic, not only is the demand for residential spaces in and around Hyderabad growing, but people are also opting to invest in areas that offer more than just a tranquil place to live and are located outside of the city without being completely cut off. As a result, the Financial District appears to be one of the region’s most attractive residential investment prospects.

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