H1B Visa

EB-1 Green Card

The EB-1 green card is one of the fastest methods for obtaining the U.S. permanent residency among all the employment-based options. The EB-1 is the first-preference employment-based green card category. Annually, a total of 140,000 applicants receive green cards under the employment-based rank and each country is only capable of Read More

Benefits Of L-1 Over H-1B

SPOUSE CAN SEEK EMPLOYMENT Likely one of the most prevailing factors in favor of an L-1 visa is the ability for L-2 visa holders (spouse or unmarried minors of L-1 visa holder) to get Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) and find work. The immediate family members of H-1B visa holders are Read More

H-1B Visa Transfer FAQs

Our H-1B transfer attorneys frequently get asked about the process and credentials necessary to carry out a transfer. Below are the most common questions: 1. Q. Does the normal H-1B cap have any effect on my H-1B transfer process? Ans ; The regular H-1B cap is a completely separate process Read More